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Surrogate Button Quail Research Project

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Surrogate Button Quail Research Project

Project Introduction


One of the biggest hurdles in breeding birds, from chickens to button quail, is that if you incubate eggs, the chicks may not learn all the birdie stuff they should. Surrogates are one of the ways I have come up with to solve this problem. By simply introducing a hen to newly hatched babies, you can make sure that they will learn what they need faster, rather than the win-or-lose technique of people teaching a bird to be a bird. Using surrogates, your incubator hatched chicks will learn just as if they were hatched by a hen.


But why surrogates? Well, it is my opinion, that if a bird is raised by a hen it will be more likely to sit on its own eggs and raise other chicks. Also, the chicks will be able to learn things only other birds can teach them. In just 24 hours of my hen, who has never surrogated before, being in with the chicks, they have learned to eat spray millet, scavenge, sit under mommies’ wing for warmth and follow her around. Just try to get a baby button to do that!


I will be collecting data from all over the world from button breeders and hobbiests alike. Please e-mail me at if you would like to be a part of this project. I will e-mail you the forms and everything you need to get started!


My very successfull surrogate hen with two of 'her' three babies sitting under her wing

Surrogate Button Quail Research Project
Required Forms

Click for the Breeder Form

Click for the Surrogate Forms

The links above are for the forms you are required to fill out. They can be printed out and mailed to me, or e-mailed to me. I will need the breeder form ASAP
If you have everything you need, please e-mail me at . Please include your a) location b) experience c) current ammount of buttons and d) if you need eggs or not

If you would like to become a part of this project, please e-mail me at gsvelvet@yahoo.com