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**UPDATE** No buttons are available at this time.

I do usually have eggs for sale, except when I am collecting for incubation. I will trade eggs with other button quail breeders in [egg for egg]. I am interested in getting eggs from pearls, pieds (silver and ivory), silvers, smokies, slates, cinnamons and ivories. I gennerally ship US only.

Come March, I will may sell live birds in pairs or individual birds. I will ship them together from March - May and September - October, weather permiting. US ADDRESSES ONLY, no shipping to Hawaii, e-mail me if you live in Alaska. East of the Rocky's is preffered. Bird prices depend on the bird's color, age and gender.

Egg Prices
$6 per 10
Live Bird Prices
Individual Adults
$5-10 per male
$8-15 per female
$20-25 per trio (2 females, 1 male) subject to availability
Chicks (2-3 weeks old, pick up only)
$5-8 each, straight run

Shipping for eggs is, for up to 20 eggs, about $6-10 for US addreses only. Birds are shipped overnight. Shipping prices depends on a location. A shipping quote is avaliable here: My zip is 28803. All Birds are shipped in Horizon MicroEnviroment boxes with suet and spray millet.

I personally, currently have the following colors identified in my breeding stock. Eggs purchased will be a good mix from the following colors:
White, Splash, Red Breasted, Silver, Silver Red Breasted, Golden Pearl, Blue Faced, Cinnamon, Normal Wild Type, Cinnamon Blue faced, Darth Vader
*newly intoduced color mutation

If you have buttons and would like to trade eggs, I will trade egg for egg, shiping payed by shiper. I would pay to send my eggs to you, and you to me. This would add colors to our stock and add in unrelated genes to widen the gene pool.