Sellabi Button Quail + Farms

Colors of the Button Quail

Color ID
Chick ID

The recognized mutations of the Button Quail are
  • Normal Wild type
  • Silver*
  • Red Breasted*
  • White*
  • Cinnamon*
  • Blue Face*
  • Golden Pearl*2 
  • Pink eyed Dilute, very rare
  • The Recognized Color Combinations are

  • Ivory - A combination of Silver and Cinnamon
  • Slate* - A combination of Silver and Blue Face
  • Smoky - A combination of Silver, Cinnamon and Blue Face
  • Silver Red Breasted* - A combination of Silver and Red Breasted
  • Cinnamon Red Breast* - A combination of Red Breast and Cinnamon
  • Splash* - A selection from within White for increased spots (this is not a pied)
  • Fawn - Another name for Cinnamon often used for darker versions of Cinnamons
  • Blue Face Single Factor* - A name used to designate the difference within Blue Face having only one gene for Blue Face
  • Blue Face Double Factor* - A name used to designate a very dark Blue Face, with 2 genes for BF, males and female often show white facial and breast markings at hatching and at maturity.
  • Blue Face Cinnamon* - a combination of Cinnamon and Blue face genes
  • Pied* - A colored bird having white flight feathers
  • Silver Pearl - A combination of Silver and Golden Pearl
  • Cinnamon Pearl - A combination of Cinnamon and Golden Pearl
  • Blue Face Pearl - A combination of Blue Face and Golden Pearl.

    To my knowlege, there are only a few types of button quail colors that are not recognized

  • Caramel - Only found in Australia.
  • Curly - Feather structure variant causing curled feathers on the back and neck 
  • Australian Pied - Only found in Australia
  • * indicates that i have this color mutaion present in my birds
    2 - a note for Golden Pearls - This gene is a deadly gene that can result in a large amount of dead eggs and chicks. DO NOT breed 2 golden pearls, as this increases the gene and can severely weaken chicks and can kill them even 3 weeks after hatching.

    From Gary Landry's website